Thursday 30 January 2014

Making Your Life Easier

Let me open with a big Happy New Year to you all, may this new year be filled with health, inspiration and prosperity.

The world of digital signage isn't new and yet many providers still fail to take advantage of its enormous potential. Without question there are venues out there that house some great looking digital signage which is important to attract attention, but what about usability? At the many locations that we visited the end user has to call their digital signage provider to make content changes which in a fast paced environment is very inconvenient. Then in other venues we found that the user can make their own content changes but it's quite an uphill battle. So, in response to the frustration over the difficult usage of digital signage from some of its users, we made sure that all of our solutions will always be easy to use foremost and look good second.

Before the year's end we were approached by Best Western Lamplighter Inn & Conference Centre in London, Ontario, Canada with the following challenge. To provide a fast and easy to use digital signage that would allow their staff to post event information with breakout sessions as well as advertising onto two separate screens installed in designated high public traffic areas within the hotel. The Operations Manager also had an idea as to the look but trusted our judgement on how to best implement it.
For our solution we designed the interface for an existing scheduling software. The result allows the hotel's staff to very easily enter complete event data - days, weeks or even months prior to the actual events taking place. Software picks up all the events and automatically beams them to the reader boards on their respective days. Then throughout the day as events conclude they become dynamically deleted from the screens. That same functionality we've applied to advertising where either the same group of ads can be displayed every day or change on a daily basis. Furthermore, when there are no events at the hotel then a video is triggered showcasing the hotel's meeting rooms.

In conclusion we have provided Lamplighter with an easy solution that allows its staff to very quickly display events and other relevant information to their guests without the need to call us. This process is made even simpler thanks to the option of presetting the digital signage in advance which allows the staff focus their energy on more pressing tasks during those extra busy days. Our super friendly technical support is also ready to offer remote assistance should a need arise.

I looked at over a dozen companies to help bring our digital signage project to fruition and Tom had the most flexible and easy to use product. He understood our objectives and project goals, offered his experience and never pushed me to make any decisions. The project looks better than I imagined and provides our guests with a unique and informative experience. I look forward using Saturn Digital Media in the future and their continuing support of this project.

Tony Czyzewski
Operations Manager
– Best Western Lamplighter Inn & Conference Centre (London, Ontario, Canada)

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